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    Top 4 interview

    The top 4 playing "Two To Tango" (below) - Love how Val knew all of the answers right away, but played it cool~ like he really had to think hard about it.














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    "Can't Be Tamed" singer Miley Cyrus can't let go either. She and Liam Hemsworth, 23 -- who hit a rough patch this spring and stopped planning their wedding -- got cozy at a party at her L.A. home May 10.
    "She was kissing him," says a witness. "They were definitely back on."

    Her engagement ring has reappeared too. After flaunting her bare finger in March and April, Cyrus, 20, rocked the 3.5-carat Neil Lane sparkler at the May 15 Maxim Hot 100 party at Create in Hollywood.
    Still, friends doubt that the couple will last. "They break up, get back together, repeat," says one pal. "They will eventually burn out."

    Hemsworth's actor siblings have also tried to put a stop to his relationship. A source told Us that Chris and Luke staged an intervention with their younger brother in April.
    The source said, "They want him to end the romance for good."

    Cyrus and Hemsworth became engaged last June after falling in love on the set of their 2009 film, The Last Song.

    US Weekly

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    The REAL queen

    congrats @justinbieber #bbma

    Best part of last night ❤ #smilers #wecantstop

    Yo-mance ❤ finished up #wecantstop GET READY

    Ok my fans are getting WAY to good at photoshop. Wtf is @justinbieber holding me as a baby!!!!!! BahahhHahajjaha

    This happened.

    @Versace #celine #STUDIO #allgolderthang

    @AplussProducer #JEEZYMIDDAYCONVOWITHMILEY #mafawkkk

    Toooooo cute ❤❤❤

    Another day. #celine @Versace


    New promo pic for We Can't Stop

    Mike Will Made new song with Miley, Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J.

    1& 2

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    Verdict on 11 contenders - Entertainment Weekly asked songwriter Ester Dean, DJ Zedd, Paramore's Hayley Williams, and hitmaker Ed Sheeran to give their thoughts about 11 songs that may or may not conquer the summer music scene.


    By this time though, Demi will have a new single out...Carry on...


    Demi Lovato, ''Heart Attack''

    Hayley Williams: I'm a fan of all of her singles. Girl can sing her ass off!
    Ester Dean: I f---ing love her. You can be sad in the sunshine, or you can be happy in the pouring rain. It's all about where the heart is.
    Zedd: This has been stuck in my head for a while now. The only thing for me is that it doesn't really take any risks, but that's not necessarily bad.
    Ed Sheeran: I actually really like the hook. This is definitely a radio hit.

    d33ec5b6175a45e5b2a3a28a8ccf275b-8e85e904a0394f25abb7008d0b87d4c5-2696ee312c30830d2f0f6a706700ef30 feat. Justin Bieber, ''#thatPOWER''

    Hayley Williams: If I say I don't get it, does that mean I'm getting old?
    Ester Dean: I just don't hear Justin on this thing. Same with that Britney song [Spears' 2012 collab with, ''Scream & Shout''].
    Zedd: I personally love the song. I think it sounds really good from a production and engineering standpoint.
    Ed Sheeran: It's not really my thing, but songs usually work in clubs. I think it will be a top-down kind of car-blasting record.

    What do you think, AD? What Summer songs are you jamming to right now? or plan to?

    More at the Source

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    In the season three premiere "Works For Me", Joe (Joey Lawrence) pursues a new job opportunity, sending Mel (Melissa Joan Hart) into a panic when she realizes he may actually leave. But the job is not quite what Joe expected, causing him to reevaluate his place in the house, and Mel scheming to prove how much everyone needs him. Meanwhile Lennox (Spreitler) thinks her artist boyfriend Zander (Sterling Knight) may have found another muse, and Ryder’s (Nick Robinson) class trip has an unexpected outcome.












    Melissa & Joey--Wednesday, May 29 at 8/7c!

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  • 05/23/13--13:31: New-Old Miley Rares!
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    Aw, haha - I love them as a dancing duo. They're the best.


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    It's no longer live, and the video won't embed, but you can still watch it, so click the image above!

    @usweekly I had fun!! thanks for having me!
    BK-hN1rCQAAOz96.jpg large

    next stop...@MTVNews

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    "Selena Gomez grabbed dinner with pal, Jaden Smith in London tonight, May 23. The pair are in town to promote their separate projects. Selena’s there for her single “Come and Get It” while Jaden is promoting his new flick After Earth also starring his dad, Will.

    Selena and Jaden dined at Hakkasan after completing individual days of promotion. Selena seems to be feeling better, she cancelled her promotional appearances yesterday as she had come down with an illness.

    It’s nice that Justin Bieber’s friends still have no issue with Selena."

    Nick brings up the fact Selena was there too and Jaden is like oh she's my friend blah blah lol it's pretty cute

    source, 2

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    this is from yesterday no one posted it cause yall are FLOPS

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    U.S. Release date - June 21st; U.K release date - July 12th

    Source: Youtube

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    Demi's next stop is London; she'll be performing at The Tabernacle on May 31st, and she's set to make appearances on Britain's Got Talent and Alan Carr’s Chatty Man.




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    While helping 7-Eleven kick off the season by taking the ceremonial first Slurpee sip of summer Wednesday, Benson, 23, chatted with HuffPost Celebrity about summer beauty secrets, devout "PLL" fans and why you can't believe everything that you read.

    Have you always been a Slurpee enthusiast?
    Yeah, I've been having Slurpees since I was really young. My dad gets his coffee at 7-Eleven, so I've always been getting Slurpees. My friends like them as well, and they're a good drink for the summer.

    What's your gulity pleasure?
    Ice cream.

    What's one item that's always in your refrigerator?
    Ice cream. You can always find bottles of water, almond milk and ice cream.

    How do you stay in shape and keep up that "Spring Breakers" body?
    I’m trying to get in shape at the moment, so I guess just having a trainer, trying to eat healthier, SoulCycle, maybe some yoga -- even though I haven't done it before, I'm going to try it.

    What's your summer beauty staple?
    A great moisturizer. Chanel has this amazing luminiscent foundation that makes your skin really glowy -- it's really cool for summer. I love long skirts, Slurpees, the Slurpee Lite Sugar Free Sprite flavor. It's only 20 calories, there's no sugar -- great for that bikini body. That's a good summer must-have.

    What are you most looking forward to this summer?
    Being tan. I’m going to Europe, so I'm looking forward to that.

    What's the dumbest thing you've read about yourself?
    That I’m dating all of my friends. Every time I’m hanging out with Tyler [Blackburn], Keegan [Allen], my friend Isaac, my friends who are girls, I’m dating all of them. It’s very strange. I have a new boyfriend, a new girlfriend every week. But I’m single and I don’t have a boyfriend.

    "PLL" has a pretty intense following. Any crazy fan stories?
    Not really. I’m waiting for the fans to get a tattoo of me on them. Shay [Mitchell] gets that a lot. And I haven't had that yet, so I’m jealous [laughs]. Maybe if I put it out there now: “Hey, get tattoos.” But nothing too crazy.

    Who would you rather be stuck with in a crisis, the "Spring Breakers" gang or the "Pretty Little Liars"?
    "Spring Breakers," just because of what we have to do in the movie.

    You're kind of a queen bee in both. Do you ever feel like that in real life? And do you travel exclusively in groups of four females?
    Ha -- no. I love hanging out with guys. I have girlfriends too, but I’m more of a tomboy. I don’t really like all of that. I’m very laid back and kind of quiet. I’ve never been the queen bee, nor will I ever.

    What's been the most awkward "Pretty Little Liars" scene to film?
    I guess the first time Tyler and I had to have a love scene, that was awkward because he was newer to the show, but ever since then it's great. I’ve never really had an awkward scene on “PLL.”

    What's the silliest thing you've ever lied about?
    My weight. "I weigh 99 pounds."

    What's your go-to excuse?
    My dog needs me. I need to go walk my dog.

    What's your dating deal-breaker?
    If a guy doesn’t make me laugh, I just can’t. I’m such a goofy person. I love to mess with people. I love to make fun of people. He has to make me laugh or else it’s not going to work out.

    You've tweeted about "Girls." What other shows are always on your DVR?
    I don’t really watch TV. “Girls,” of course, that’s the one show I watch. But I don’t have time to watch TV and I don’t like watching TV. I love Lena and I love that show. And "Arrested Development" is rad, and "Breaking Bad" -- I watch those on Netflix.

    What's one thing from your childhood wardrobe that you wish you could wear now?
    Oh my god, nothing. My mom dressed me like a princess and I’m very laid back. Maybe these sweet spandex leggings that I used to wear. Or those bike shorts with jellies and a rad tank with that little clip that pulls your shirt up. And chokers and butterfly clips and body glitter from Limited Too. I want to bring all of that back at this age: At 23, I’m going to rock that.

    Makes a Coffee Run (5-22-13)


    Takes the ceremonial first slurp sip of 7-Eleven's 'Summer Slurpee Days' (5-22-13)




    Meets a Friend for Lunch (5-21-13)


    Shops in West Hollywood (5-18-13)


    Spotted Outside the Chateau Marmont (5-15-13)


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    "Olivia Holt gets her game on inside the Donkey Kong Island Pool Party held at a private residence on Saturday afternoon (May 18) in Los Angeles.

    The 15-year-old actress was joined by Kickin’ It co-star Dylan Riley Snyder, Crash & Bernstein‘s Oana Gregory, Katherine McNamara, and A.N.T. Farm‘s Jake Short and Sierra McCormick.

    The group tried out and played against each other Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, out May 24th.

    They also enjoyed banana themed hors d’oeuvres, hanging on rope swings and playing tug-of-war. Looks like they won, too!"

     photo olivia-holt-sierra-mccormick-nintendo-party-19.jpeg
     photo olivia-holt-sierra-mccormick-nintendo-party-03.jpeg
     photo olivia-holt-sierra-mccormick-nintendo-party-08.jpeg
     photo olivia-holt-sierra-mccormick-nintendo-party-05.jpeg
     photo olivia-holt-sierra-mccormick-nintendo-party-05-1.jpg
     photo olivia-holt-sierra-mccormick-nintendo-party-07.jpeg
     photo olivia-holt-sierra-mccormick-nintendo-party-09.jpeg
     photo olivia-holt-sierra-mccormick-nintendo-party-01.jpeg
     photo olivia-holt-sierra-mccormick-nintendo-party-22.jpeg
     photo olivia-holt-sierra-mccormick-nintendo-party-25.jpeg
     photo olivia-holt-sierra-mccormick-nintendo-party-32.jpeg
     photo olivia-holt-sierra-mccormick-nintendo-party-06.jpeg
     photo olivia-holt-sierra-mccormick-nintendo-party-04.jpeg
     photo olivia-holt-sierra-mccormick-nintendo-party-27.jpeg


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    "Did you know that the Happiest Place on Earth is also the #1 most-Instagrammed place in the U.S.? It’s true – there have been more than 8 million photos posted on the photo sharing app from the Disneyland Resort to date.

    That’s why I’m excited to tell you that we’ve launched @Disneyland on Instagram, featuring 100 percent fan-sourced images! Our guests have always loved sharing their Disney memories from right here inside Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks, and Instagram allows them to do that in a fun way.

    Want in? Be sure to add #Disneyland or tag @Disneyland to your photos and you may be featured on our @Disneyland Instagram feed. "
    -disneyparks blog

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     photo 458615931377891235_9721868.jpeg

    "Bella Thorne bid LA goodbye and journeyed into the wild last week, traveling all the way to South Africa to film Blended, her new comedy with Adam Sandler! The actress will be playing one of the kids stuck on a vacation resort with their parents.

    But unlike her character, Bella seemed anything but bored in the awesome African country! Just check out the photo she posted above, of herself with a real elephant! And of course, the fashion-forward star still looks stylish – even in the wild." -bop/tigerbeat

    Check out pics from Bella's time in South Africa (so far) behind the jump! So far she's learned out how to play basketball and (maybe?) cut her hair for "Blended"! We're already so excited to see the movie!

     photo BKpL5HTCYAALDcX.jpeg
     photo BKjJUAqCQAEftvJ.jpeg
     photo BK-h-xSCUAASOPK.jpeg
     photo 462262297887061545_9721868.jpeg
     photo 462207307662055549_233844693.jpeg
     photo 461507147520891857_233844693.jpeg
     photo 461281141799062834_3375322.jpeg
     photo 460946091812926726_9721868.jpeg
     photo 459802983706988182_3375322.jpeg
     photo 459383879590522166_17815554.jpeg
     photo 459362121891526114_9721868.jpeg
     photo 459237047226152879_9721868.jpeg
     photo 459152140658104612_233844693.jpeg
     photo 458690474887417749_3375322.jpeg
     photo 458666619309742745_233844693.jpeg
     photo 458656335585128156_17815554.jpeg
     photo 458615931377891235_9721868.jpeg
     photo 458593740958248029_17815554.jpeg
     photo 458371874298869165_9721868.jpeg
     photo 457883860676710202_3375322.jpeg
     photo 457869207784993896_9721868.jpeg

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    "Acting like a stereotypical frat boy, Zac Efron continued to film scenes for "Townies" on Wednesday evening (May 22).

    The “High School Musical” hottie rocked his Greek-symbol tee as he frolicked around the Los Angeles set, causing all kinds of mayhem.

    In related news, the 25-year-old actor is set to portray a college-aged Donnie Brasco in the upcoming flick “Narc.”

    According to Deadline, the film follows Brasco as a “student, frat president, and lacrosse team captain who’s busted for drugs intended for a party, then secretly turns narc and helps the cops bust criminals while carrying on his BMOC campus life.”

     photo efron-052313-208.jpeg
     photo efron-052313-207.jpeg
     photo efron-052313-206.jpeg
     photo efron-052313-205.jpeg
     photo efron-052313-204.jpeg
     photo efron-052313-202.jpeg
     photo efron-052313-203.jpeg
     photo efron-052313-201.jpeg


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    "Enjoying some fresh air and sunshine, Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French opted for a leisurely stroll around Toluca Lake, California this morning (May 23).

    The “High School Musical” actress and her musician boyfriend thought they were all alone until Tizzie spotted a shutterbug and covered her face with her sweatshirt.

    Meanwhile, Ashley can breathe a little easier knowing that her 21-year-old stalker Nicolas Fiore has been slapped with a temporary restraining order.

    In her court documents, Tisdale declared, "He is not my boyfriend, I don't know him and I have never met him. I have been mentally and psychologically harmed because of the harassment because I constantly fear for my safety and the safety of my boyfriend.""



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